Introducing the Core teams

Last but most definitely not least, we bring you the Core team!

The Core team are the people responsible for writing the code that makes WordPress[dot]org. They not only write all new WordPress features (including Gutenberg) but also test them, fix reported bugs, recommend best coding practices and maintain a set of WordPress developer guides and tutorials.

Because the amount of work is so vast, the Core team has been separated into sub-sections, known as components (see full list).  Each person can contribute to one or several Core components, depending on their interests. 

We are super privileged to be able to bring you two very topical perspectives on the Make WordPress Core team: Gutenberg and Data Privacy.

According to the Core components page in Make WordPress:

Longtime maintainers with a deep understanding of particular areas of core are always seeking to mentor others to impart their knowledge.”

About the Core – Gutenberg team

The Gutenberg plugin icon,

Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor. It is currently available as a plugin but it will soon come bundled with WordPress by default.

During the Contributor Day, you can get involved by running tests, replying to existing bug reports, adding or improving the online documentation and even having a good look inside the new Gutenberg blocks!

The Core – Gutenberg team will be lead by Matthew MacPherson, from Edinburgh.

About the Core – Data Privacy team

Data Privacy image by JanBaby

This team was formed in order to help WordPress sites become GDPR compliant and it is currently working on enhancements and bug fixes.

Since then, it has been responsible for adding the Data Privacy features to WordPress core, first introduced last May in version 4.9.6.

At the Contributor Day, on Saturday 8th September, you will be able to learn more about what they do, how they do it and start participating in the process!

The Core – Data Privacy team will be lead by Heather Burns, from the WordPress Glasgow meetup team.

Useful links

Here are some useful links to find out more:

Also, you can read through our previous posts to find out more about the Accessibility, Support, Theme Review and Polyglot teams!

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