Introducing the teams – Accessibility and Support

So, as mentioned in the schedule, we are super happy to have six teams on our first Contributor Day in Glasgow: Accessibility, Core (with special focus on Gutenberg and Privacy), Support, Theme Review and Polyglots.

Some of these teams have lately been busy with new developments and they are all very relevant to a lot of our work, as web developers, content creators and business owners.

In this post, we would like to introduce you to two of these teams: the Accessibility and the Support teams.

More on the other teams will come in a forthcoming post!

The Accessibility Team

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The main task of the Accessibility team is to work towards making WordPress core accessible and helping as many WordPress resources as possible (themes and plugins) to become so.

“The Accessibility Team provides accessibility expertise across the project to improve the accessibility of WordPress core and resources.”

They do this by:

The team is keen to have as many people involved as possible but specially those with experience in Assistive Technologies and their use.

The Accessibility team lead will be Claire Brotherton, from Edinburgh.

To find out more about this team and how to start contributing, check out the Accessibility Team page in Make WordPress.

The Support Team

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The aim of the Support Team is to help people solve technical issues with their WordPress sites by replying to Support Forum tickets.

All tickets in the WordPress Support Forum are answered by volunteers around the world!

The main support forum is related to WordPress itself and all major Plugins and Themes have their own support forums.

Before getting started, it is a good idea to read the Getting Started guide. It includes not only some guidelines on how to provide good support but also a list of recommended tools that make the job easier and quicker.

There’s even a Good First Bugs filter, in case you are nervous about answering your first ticket!

The Support team lead will be Julia Sydnor, based in Edinburgh.

To find out more about this team and how to start contributing, check out the Support Team page in Make WordPress.

Links of interest

And, just before we go, here’s a quick list of the recommended pages related to the Accessibility and Support Teams:

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