Introducing the Theme Review and Polyglots Teams

In a previous post, we told you a bit about the Accessibility and the Support teams. Today we want to introduce you to another two teams that will be present at the WordPress Glasgow Contributor Day: the Theme Review and the Polyglots teams.

Read on to find out what they do!

The Theme Review Team

Anyone who has installed or played with a WordPress website will have at some point browsed through the WordPress Theme Directory page. But how many of us have actually wondered how those hundreds of Themes get there?

Theme Directory
The WordPress Theme Directory

Every single Theme in the WordPress Directory has, in fact, been reviewed and tested against a set of rules and recommendations by a volunteer from the Theme Review team.

According to their page in the Make WordPress site:

“The theme review team is a group of volunteers who review and approve themes submitted to be included in the official WordPress theme directory. The theme review team maintains the official theme review handbook, the theme unit test Data, and the theme check plugin. It also engages and educates the WordPress Theme developer community regarding development best practices.”

The team is keen to have as many people helping out as possible as there is always a backlog!

The Theme Review team lead will be Sarah Semark, from Edinburgh.

The Polyglots Team

Did you know you can install WordPress in UK English? Yes, of course you can!

This, amongst other bits and bobs, will change the infamous “Howdy, Joe Bloggs” to the slightly more sedate “Hi, Joe Bloggs” in the Dashboard navigation bar.

Together with UK English, there are currently 180 different language options to choose from!

Not only that, but just over half of all WordPress sites worldwide have been installed in a language other that the default US English.

Polyglots Stats
Polyglots stats, Wednesday 15th August 2018

This is all made possible by the work of 25,668 Polyglot team volunteers (on the last count!) who spend a few minutes every day, or a couple of hours every now and then, translating WordPress core, themes and plugins into their mother tongue or local language.

The Polyglots team lead will be Carme Mias, from the WordPress Glasgow meetup team.

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