Great News! Marketing Team added to the list

The Make WordPress Marketing team has just let us know that they will send us some material for the Glasgow Contributor Day!

The Marketing team is one of the newest teams in Make WordPress and one of the busiest! It is a great support to all the other Make WordPress teams and to the wider community as well as an essential link between them all.

Because, who doesn’t need better communication, right?

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Introducing the Core teams

Last but most definitely not least, we bring you the Core team!

The Core team are the people responsible for writing the code that makes WordPress[dot]org. They not only write all new WordPress features (including Gutenberg) but also test them, fix reported bugs, recommend best coding practices and maintain a set of WordPress developer guides and tutorials.

Because the amount of work is so vast, the Core team has been separated into sub-sections, known as components (see full list).  Each person can contribute to one or several Core components, depending on their interests. 

We are super privileged to be able to bring you two very topical perspectives on the Make WordPress Core team: Gutenberg and Data Privacy.

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Introducing the teams – Accessibility and Support

So, as mentioned in the schedule, we are super happy to have six teams on our first Contributor Day in Glasgow: Accessibility, Core (with special focus on Gutenberg and Privacy), Support, Theme Review and Polyglots.

Some of these teams have lately been busy with new developments and they are all very relevant to a lot of our work, as web developers, content creators and business owners.

In this post, we would like to introduce you to two of these teams: the Accessibility and the Support teams.

More on the other teams will come in a forthcoming post!

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Call for Sponsors

The WordPress Glasgow Contributor Day is looking for two more sponsors to help us turn the first Contributor Day in Scotland into a great experience and memorable day for everyone!

WordPress, Code is Poetry - image credit Gounder

The event will take place on Saturday 8th September, from 10am until 4pm.

It will provide the opportunity for everyone to contribute to the Accessibility, Core, Support and Polyglots teams with the guiding hand of Scotland-based team leads. There will also be practical hands-on workshops on related topics.

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Welcome to WordPress Glasgow Contributor Day!

It’s finally official! The first WordPress Contributor Day in Scotland is coming to Glasgow on Saturday 8th September 2018!

Glasgow’s George Square – photo credit George Hodan

So what’s a Contributor Day?

A WordPress Contributor Day is a get-together of people who want to take part in the making and improvement of WordPress with the guidance of people who have done it before.

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