Welcome to WordPress Glasgow Contributor Day!

It’s finally official! The first WordPress Contributor Day in Scotland is coming to Glasgow on Saturday 8th September 2018!

Glasgow’s George Square – photo credit George Hodan

So what’s a Contributor Day?

A WordPress Contributor Day is a get-together of people who want to take part in the making and improvement of WordPress with the guidance of people who have done it before.

Whether you are into Accessibility, Community, Training or Marketing, want to find out how Themes and Plugins get listed in the WordPress.org repository, are interested in Usability and Testing, or love to get stuck into the innards of Core there will be something there for you.

If WordPress helps you make a living, it is also a chance to give back to the Open Source project and community.

What will happen on the day?

The organising team is preparing a superb schedule with workshops in the morning and the afternoon and plenty of time to contribute!

A few local team leads have already confirmed their support. Check out the full schedule for more details!

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