What is a Contributor Day

A Contributor Day is an opportunity to learn how to become an active part in the making of WordPress with the guidance of people who have done it before.

If WordPress helps you make a living, it is also a chance to give back to the Open Source project and community.

WordPress is an Open Source project

Yes, that’s right!

The software that runs 30% of the websites worldwide is made by volunteers, normal people like you and me.

Contributor Day at WordCamp Europe 2018 - photo credit @DjevaLoperka
Contributor Day at WordCamp Europe 2018 – photo credit @DjevaLoperka

This means that it is not owned by any private company and that everyone is free to use it, change it and build whatever they wish with it.

It also means that it is made, changed and improved by thousands of people around the world who work on it during their spare time.

What’s more, anyone can take part, not just coders!

Do you want to find out more?

Come along to WordPress Glasgow Contributor Day, on Saturday 8th September 2018, for a taster and to learn what helping make WordPress is like!

Whether you are into Accessibility, Community, Training or Marketing, want to find out how Themes and Plugins listed in the WordPress.org repository are approved, are interested in Usability and Testing, or love to get stuck into the innards of Core, Gutenberg, Mobile API, Meta and the WPCLI there will be something there for you.

Contributor Day at WordCamp Europe 2017
Contributor Day at WordCamp Europe 2017 -– photo credit: WCEU 2017 Photography Team

The WordPress Glasgow Contributor Day 2018 will be a safe and positive conference for everyone. Learn more in our Code of Conduct.